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Travel from your seat at home .. 7 YouTube channels for backpackers around the world

Travel from your seat at home .. 7 YouTube channels for backpackers around the world

Travel from your seat at home .. 7 YouTube channels for backpackers around the world

It is always said that travel has seven benefits in a person’s life, between recreation and learning about new cultures and peoples, expanding a person’s horizon and looking at what is around him, and other benefits, but traveling from one country to another at this age requires special arrangements that may not be available. For many, and from here appeared a group of travelers traveling around the world filmed everything that passes through them while traveling in a set of videos and posted them through their YouTube channels so that those who are not able to travel can get some of these benefits. In this report, we monitor five of the most important travelers around the world, and how they began their journey.

1-     Traveler: Jordan Taylor: I left my house forever

In 2016, Jordan left her home in Miami, USA, without any specific destination or date to return to her country. Jordan began broadcasting her first video on her YouTube channel (Traveler), in which she was preparing to arrange the travel bag that would take her to the outside world, Taylor left everything Behind her and her journey began, and her first trip outside America was in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Taylor visited many countries of the world during that period, and with her private camera that reported to us everything about those countries that she went to, and documented on the channel everything she went through and her impression of the country she visited. You might think now that Taylor has a lot of money, or that her family is rich enough to finance her trip, but this is all wrong.

Taylor says that she is a fan of travel around the world and that she does not have a family with great wealth, but during her work with her studies she was able to make some money, she did not spend it in anything and put it on the stock exchange, and then she finances all her trips from the investment of her own money. Through her channel, you can see the fragrant past in Egypt, the beauty of the beaches of the Philippines, and the dealings of the people of Spain with tourists. An enjoyable tour offered by Taylor on her “no return” journey across the world.

2-     Fun for Louise .. Louis Cole: Live the adventure!

One of the most popular travel channels on YouTube, with more than two million subscribers, in this channel Louis Cole, accompanies us on a tour around the world through his adventures with his friends in many countries, Louis makes many personal adventures, such as: playing with snakes, diving Underwater with dolphins, long-distance biking, and other challenges that he presents with humor in every country he goes to.

What distinguishes the Lewis Channel is that it focuses on the entertainment side of travel, some may travel to many countries to see landscapes or relax, but Lewis offers many adventures that you can do alone or with your friends in the country you are traveling to, between Kenya, Istanbul, France, India, and others From countries around the world, Louis accompanies us on his thrilling adventures.

3-     Hey Nadine .. Nadine Sikora: The whole world in one YouTube channel

“Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, after 20 years you will regret those things you didn’t do, not the things you did, sail away from the safe harbor.”

With these words attributed to Mark Twain, Nadine opens her YouTube channel, which has 375,000 subscribers.

 Over seven years, Nadine visited more than 50 countries, documenting everything she went through on her YouTube channel.

Nadine uploads a video every week, and her channel includes a lot of important advice for travelers, mistakes they should not make when traveling, and how to interact with people.

What distinguishes Nadine’s videos is that it focuses on the hidden side of each country that you visit, far from its most famous landmarks, and displays videos about unknown places in it, shows and festivals held in it, and places that should not be missed. An important channel for all travel enthusiasts.

4-     Jack Harries .. Jack and Finn are merry twins around the world

With more than 4 million subscribers and a total of 192 million views, the twin’s Jack and Finn take us on a tour through the many countries of the world that they visit, and they film their adventure.

The two young twins were not aware of the extent of fame that would be achieved for them through YouTube, since Jack broadcast the first video from inside his room seven years ago, as their channel became one of the most followed travel channels on the site, and in a fun way in which a lot of comedy the twins present their trips, They are doing it across the world.

5-     Gabriel Traveler .. Gabriel Morris: A tale of beautiful cities

Gabriel Morris began his journey 30 years ago, and during those years he visited more than 50 countries spread over five continents around the world, and on his channel, you find a summary of those trips he made. With Maurice, you will wander the streets of Jerusalem as if you are there, and get to know the city of Petra in Jordan, and you will also take a look at the beauty of the Greek islands, and he will accompany you on a train tour; While the snow is falling all over you in Romania.

Morris has written many books on the art of travel, as well as has many articles published in this field. Morris is very interested in photographing the main landmarks in the countries he visits, so if you want to enjoy seeing the most important sights in the world; This channel is your preferred route.

6-     Vagabrothers – Alex and Marco: We live to travel

“You have finished your studies, and you want to travel the world, but you are not finding enough money, right? Imagine with me, you have more than money, you have time, come with us through the world.”

Once again with two brothers who love to travel, Alice and Marco from the United States of America tour the famous cities of the world and bring us the details of all those visits in a group of interesting videos on their YouTube channel.

What distinguishes Alice and Marco’s channel is that it is interested in the travel details for those who do not have a lot of money, such as students or recent graduates, so you will find in their channel a lot of means to travel most cheaply, as well as to take advantage of the time you have in preparing yourself to be a traveler around the world.

The channel is also interested in highlighting the most important things that you have to do when you visit this or that country, and the videos are arranged in it according to each continent, so you will find a playlist for Asia, another in Africa, a third in America, and so on. And in every country, you find a video about the 10 most important things you can do there or 10 things you should avoid when traveling to that country.

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