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Teach your child another language .. 8 useful apps that will help you with that

Teach your child another language .. 8 useful apps that will help you with that

Teach your child another language .. 8 useful apps that will help you with that

If you wish to provide a service to your children, they will thank you for it throughout their lives; Maybe you should consider teaching them a foreign language, if not more. In our current world, which is considered a digital age par excellence, employers are looking for employees who are fluent in at least one foreign language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

And because education at a young age is easier and better; Through this report, we recommend to you a set of the best foreign language teaching applications for children in a fun and attractive way, which ensures that your children are busy with useful things instead of sitting in front of the screens for hours in what is fruitless; It will also save you huge expenses that you would have spent if you tried to teach your children the same languages ​​through language education centers.

1- Duolingo .. the most famous of all

Duolingo is almost self-explanatory. It is one of the most popular language-learning applications; It includes 23 languages, ranging from English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, and others. If this is not the only feature of the application, besides the multiple languages ​​it provides; It is also free and an Arabic version is available. The most important thing is that it allows learning in a fun and simple way based on pictures.

Lessons are also divided into small sections to gradually stabilize information and education. What makes it suitable for young ages; Especially as it allows children to explore and learn many languages ​​between speaking, listening, translating, and other challenges, while they earn points with every correct answer, as well as friends can compete with each other to reach the next level.

Note that the application requires the user’s ability to read; Therefore, it may not be recommended for those who are less than seven or eight years old, about the first stages, and then the matter becomes more difficult with the progress of course. Another feature of the application is that it is periodically undergoing development by native speakers of those languages, and therefore the presented language is constantly renewed in line with the present.

2- “Gus on the Go” .. Learn languages ​​through adventure

Gus on the Go” is an easy-to-use application and one of the most favorite applications for children from the age of eight; Through it, they can go on an exciting adventure with the owl bird, the application heroine who loves to travel and explore. The application includes 30 different languages, some of them very popular, such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian, in addition to some less common languages ​​such as Croatian and German, and it also allows learning Arabic.

Through the application, you can learn many basic vocabularies, such as numbers, colors, animals, foods, and many other topics; The app contains 10 interactive lessons and activities that include 90 words and audio clips.

It is reported that there is also a story app called “Stories by Gus on the Go” which aims to teach children basic vocabulary and develop their language skills through well-known classics such as “Goldilocks” and “Three Bears” or “The Three Little Pigs”.

4- “Little Pim” .. for school-age children

If your children are under the age of six years, “Little Pim” is ideal for them. It enables teaching 12 languages ​​based on a variety of videos that focus on teaching the basics of the language to the child. The application is characterized by the ability to create files by parents for each child separately; To track their progress and achievements with attractive videos and flashcards.

5- “Little Chatterbox”… Now education is fun

Little Chatterbox” is an application intended for young children between the ages of three and eight years. The application includes eight languages, namely Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, and English, which is supposed to teach children depending on their definition of basic words. In every language, which numbers up to 300 words.

This happens through some interactive activities and attractive videos with attractive illustrations and audio recordings available in the application; This makes the educational process more entertaining than compulsory. For “IOS” system, click here.

6- «FluentU» .. Learning the language for all ages

It does not matter whoever will use the FluentU app, it is suitable for children and adults. On the one hand, it contains many animation clips, movie clips, music clips, as well as flashcards and pictures that will attract children and young ages, and excite them to learn languages ​​innovatively and exceptionally.

Another is because it contains many videos, and flexible educational materials for each age, including the oldest so that adults will also have fun by following inspiring and important news and talks.

It is noteworthy that the educational videos include captions to identify each word and image, as well as you can click on each word to see how it is used in other video clips. Note that the application allows teaching many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese, while the Portuguese, Italian and Korean versions are under construction.

For the «Android» system, click here, and for the «iOS» system, click here.

7- “Endless Spanish” .. Learn Spanish to the infinite and beyond

If you want to teach your children Spanish, this is the app for you. The “Endless Spanish” application is fun and attractive to children; It teaches them the alphabet, sounds, and words through funny animations that are like a game of interesting monsters.

This makes the application suitable from the age of four years, although its difficulty increases gradually after the word stage comes the stage of forming sentences that may require somewhat older ages.

8- “Kids Learn Mandarin” … the best for teaching Chinese

According to statistics and ratings, the “Kids Learn Mandarin” application is one of the best applications ever in terms of teaching Chinese to those who want Chinese to be their second language.

It is suitable for those aged from two to eight years; It contains eight fun games as well as songs, videos, and stickers that increase children’s skills and ability to master all aspects of the main Chinese vocabulary, including numbers, colors, and shapes.

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