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Do you want to learn montage? Platforms and blogs to help you with that

Do you want to learn montage? Platforms and blogs to help you with that

Do you want to learn montage? Platforms and blogs to help you with that

“The eloquence of all cinema lies in the editing room,” says American director and producer Orson Welles.

The montage or video editing is defined as the process of arranging and organizing video clips in a certain way, in a specific time, to produce a new product, and it may be simple as it includes just arranging images, or it is a little complex, so it needs additions to pictures or graphics.

Several operations take place during the montage; From removing unwanted photos, to selecting the best scenes to produce the final look of the work. The most important element is to create the fluidity in which the video travels chronologically, by arranging the viewer. And add effects, filters, and additional elements.

Now, do you dream of learning the basics of montage, methods of cutting and assembling videos, and choosing the best programs that suit your abilities and your device? Here are several courses to learn montage, between free and paid.

1- Audemy platform

Udemy is an e-learning platform that contains 80,000 different courses, including free and paid ones. This site covers the tools that are used to learn montage, such as “Premier Pro” and “Sony Vegas Pro”. You can also learn the “Final Cut” program in detail on the Udime website.

This course helps you learn how to add media, effects, explore cameras, and creative video production ideas, and provides you with a thorough knowledge of the equipment and technologies required for your product. Your complete guide to learning Premiere – Pro, a program popular with montage and video makers, is brought to you by Abba Sharpeno.

2- SkillShare platform

The SkillShare platform offers a series of courses to learn montage at various levels. Some of them specialize in cinematography, visual blogging, and montage learning programs such as “Adobe-Premiere Pro”. It is accompanied by training examples, projects, and accelerated learning lessons.

3- The LinkedIn Platform

The LinkedIn platform gives you more than 600 training courses, with various tools and operating systems, for everything you want to know in the field of montage and video editing. If you are a beginner in this field, you can learn the basics, and those with some experience can take lessons that give them The opportunity to make short films, learn video storytelling, and move from production to post-production. The site provides you with online lectures and the ability to download. And the site offers you a free month.

4- The Beat and Wistia Blogs

The free “the beat” blog provides you with lectures, tips, and tricks on montage and filmmaking, and provides you with thousands of ways to use it in the editing industry. As for the “wistia” blog, it gives you, for free, tricks for you to use in the montage industry, and provides you with advice on the most common mistakes that video makers make, tips on changing video colors, and ways to make videos at the cost you own. Not only that, but it also provides you with advice to market the video that you use for your project.

5- On “Vimeo” and “YouTube” as well

YouTube and Vimeo channels give you endless resources to give you a quick idea of ​​montage, from an elementary level to an advanced level. At first, the “Lessons Online” channel explains to you that the video is a picture that moves one after the other at a certain speed. This channel provides you with steps to teach montage from scratch. Also, many YouTube channels explain the most important montage learning programs. “Adobe Premiere,” that professional program.

Other channels explain how to choose the most appropriate montage program for you, and for your work. The “Mustafa Makram” channel, in principle, explains to you that the function of montage is to remove the parts that you do not want in the video, collect all the videos, correct their colors, and put transitional effects, between each video, as you can. Increase or decrease the speed of the video until it is finalized.

It divides the montage programs into: “Adobe Premiere – Pro”, “Final Cut”, “Edeus”, and finally “Sony Vegas”. These programs are useful for those who intend to professionalize editing. As for the makers of YouTube content, it is better for them to use programs such as Filmora, Movie AVI, or Power Director, and it is recommended to learn only one program.

One of the most popular montage programs is “Camtasia Studio”, and 70% of the content providers on YouTube use it, according to the “Crazy Net” channel, due to its ease, ability to record screen, and add effects. There are also paid sites such as “inside the edit”, “lynda”, which contains 600 training courses, “plural sight”, “larry jordan”, and “ripple training”. If you want to start your own business, you have to start now by choosing the most appropriate program for you.

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